The classic tour of Florence

обзорный тур по ФлоренцииShort: In a fascinating tour introduces you to form the best architectural ensembles, temples and sculptural monuments of the city, with a history of Florence, reveals the secrets of political passions, leading to the highs of the arts and in life perepitiyam such great artists, as Dante and Michelangelo, Medici and Galileo.
Starting point: Republic Square
Place the tour: The area of ​​the Holy Cross (Santa Croce)
Duration: 2 hours
Language trips: Russian

Florence – treasure trove of art and has a rich history.
The first acquaintance with the Florence course should begin with an overview of the tour.
The classic city tour includes inspection of world famous attractions:
the oldest historic center and at the same time the most modern in appearance and name – Republic Square,
religious center – Duomo, Giotto's bell tower, крестильня,
visit the medieval quarters, see the house of Dante,
old grain market / Church of Orsanmichele,
board shop sherstyanschikov,
so, who liked the Florence and want to come back here again, advise, logging on “new” market, pogladiv mordočku, zadobritь “Pylon”- kind of fountain,
with old or “Gold” Bridge eyes run on the glitter of gold,
but, not carried away the earth, we go to the center of the political life of Florence – Piazza della Signoria, which is a true museum of outdoor sculpture, where the:
Old Palace (Palace of the Signoria),
Loggia Lanzi,
Uffizi Palace,
then we shall see
Gondi Palace,
Palace of Bargello,
and the street action will come to Greci
Square to the Basilica of the Holy Cross – the largest Franciscan church and simultaneously pantheon, where the buried remains of Michelangelo, Galileo, Makiavelli, Rossini, Oginskogo and large tvorcov.

So you learn a lot of interesting stories about, art and traditions of Florence!

Republic Square; Duomo; Giotto's bell tower; крестильня; Dante's House; old grain market / Church of Orsanmichele; board shop sherstyanschikov; “new” market; fountain “Pylon”; old or “Gold” bridge; Piazza della Signoria; Palace of the Signoria (Palazzo Vecchio); Loggia Lanzi; Uffizi Palace (outside); Gondi Palace; Palace of Bargello; Square and the Basilica of the Holy Cross – pantheon of the great figures of art and science.

Not allowed: It is recommended when visiting temples to cover bare shoulders, and it is advisable not to wear very short shorts.

Possible options for ordering:
A walking tour for a group of 1 to 25 man: 130 €
Guided tours for groups of 25 to 50 man: 170 €

Booking: at least 1 day before the tour
Conditions change tour: in agreement with the guide
The cancellation tour: 60% bolts fired at me, than 3 days 100% Screws for dismissal 1 day


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