I offer a wide range of excursions and tours in Florence and Tuscany.

Here are some of them:

Tour of Tuscany: Livorno – Florence – Pisa – Livorno

Тур Ливорно Флоренция ПизаWith the ship in a flourishing Tuscany: one-day tour of Livorno – Florence – Pisa – Livorno.

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An extensive tour of the museums of Florence and for 1 day

Полная экскурсия по ФлоренцииAn extensive tour of Florence's museums and. This tour will one day see the main attractions in Florence, visit one of the best museums in the world (the choice of tourists), learn a lot about the history of this city, imbued with its spirit, learn about the customs, taste, Traditional celebrations and so fascinated by, that Florence will be remembered for a lifetime!

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The classic tour of Florence

обзорный тур по ФлоренцииIn a fascinating tour introduces you to form the best architectural ensembles, temples and sculptural monuments of the city, with a history of Florence, reveals the secrets of political passions, leading to the highs of the arts and in life perepitiyam such great artists, as Dante and Michelangelo, Medici and Galileo, ,,, .

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Uffizi – treasury of paintings of the Renaissance

Экскурсия по музею УффициThe family of the Medici left to the city of Florence collection of fine art, which became the basis for the Uffizi museum, where it is possible in chronological order to trace the development of painting in the Renaissance.

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Masterpieces of the Palatine Gallery Pitti Palace

Экскурсия по галереи ПалатинаIn Florence on the left bank of the Arno River is the largest palace of the city and an amazing regular “Italian” Boboli Gardens. In the gallery of the masterpieces Palatine decorative art and paintings by Raphael and Titian, Rubens and Van Deica, Caravaggio and Murillo, as well as works of Florentine artists and many other masters.

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Medici in Florencii: 300 – year history of the dynasty

Медичи - династия во ФлоренцийExcursion acquaints with a 300-year history of the Medici dynasty in Florence and works of art, related.
Visit the Piazza della Signoria, through the old bridge heading to the palace of Pitti, and then passing the Strozzi Palace to the Palace of the Medici-Riccardi, Basilica of St. Lawrence, visit the Chapel of Princes – tomb of the Medici, and New sakrestiyu, created by the great Michelangelo.

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Florence as a treasure trove of works by Michelangelo

Давид в АккадемииExcursion acquaints with the works of Michelangelo, located in Florence, the Bargello museum or the museum of Michelangelo – Buonarroti, at the Academy of Fine Arts, Chapel in Princes – Medici tomb and the creation of Buonarroti – New sakrestii.

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