Экскурсия по галереи ПалатинаIn short: In Florence, on the left bank of the Arno River, there is the largest palace in the city and an amazing regular “Italian” Boboli garden. The Palatine Gallery presents masterpieces of decorative art and painting by Raphael and Titian, Rubens and Van Dyck, Caravaggio and Murillo, as well as the works of Florentine artists and many other masters.
Excursion start point: Signoria Square
Excursion end point: the museum “Palatine Gallery”
Excursion duration: 2 o'clock
Tour language: Russian

Florence has the largest palace in the city on the left bank of the Arno River, возведение которого началось в 15 веке для банкира Питти. С 16 century it became the seat of the Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany, then with 18 century – dynasty of the Dukes of Lorraine and in 19 векепервого короля Италии Витторио Эмануэля Савойскиого. Здесь был создан уникальный образец дворцово-паркового ансамблярегулярный сад Боболи.
Today the palace houses the Palatine Gallery, Gallery of contemporary art, Silver Museum, Porcelain Museum, Музей карет и Галерея костюма. В галерее Палатина представлены шедевры живописи и декоративного искусства.
The magnificent decoration of the halls of the Palatine Gallery, decorated in baroque style, serves as a stunning backdrop for the unique artwork of Raphael and Titian, Rubens and Van Dyck, Caravaggio and Murillo, as well as the creations of the Florentine masters.

Old or “Gold” bridge, corridor Minister, Pitti palace

Is not allowed: photography is not allowed in the halls of the museum, not allowed to bring water to the museum

Possible order options:
Guided tour for a group from 1 to 25 man: 130 €
Guided tour for a group from 25 to 40 man: 160 €
Included in the price: tourist service

Payment separately: museum tickets, headphone is recommended for large groups.
Reservation: not less than 1 the day before the excursion
Booking conditions: museum pre-booking price for entry at a specific time – 4 euros
Conditions for changing the excursion: by agreement with the guide
Cancellation policy: 60% refusal penalty less, than for 3 days 100% refusal penalty for 1 day



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