обзорный тур по ФлоренцииIn short: In a fascinating way, the tour introduces the best architectural ensembles, temples and sculptural monuments of the city, with the history of Florence, reveals the secrets of political passions, leading to ups and downs in the development of arts and drinking in the lives of such great creators, like Dante and Michelangelo, Medici and Galileo.
Excursion start point: Republic Square
Excursion end point: Holy Cross Square (Santa Croce)
Excursion duration: 2 o'clock
Tour language: Russian

Florence – a treasure trove of art and has a rich history.
The first acquaintance with Florence should definitely start with a sightseeing tour.
Classic sightseeing tour includes sightseeing of world famous landmarks:
the most ancient historical center and at the same time the most modern in appearance and name – Republic Square,
religious center – Duomo Cathedral, Giotto's bell tower, baptismal,
we will visit the medieval quarters, let's see Dante's house,
old grain market / Orsanmichele church,
woolen workshop board,
themes, who liked Florence and want to come back here again, advise, by going to “new” market, stroking the face, to flatter “Wild boar”- a kind of fountain,
on the old or “Gold” eyes run to the bridge against the glitter of gold,
but, not carried away by the earthly, we will go to the center of the political life of Florence – to Piazza Signoria, which is a true open-air sculpture museum, where are:
old palace (Signoria Palace),
loggia Lanci,
uffizi palace,
then we'll see
Gondi palace,
Bargello Palace,
and along the street dei Greci we go to
square to the Basilica of the Holy Cross – the largest Franciscan temple and at the same time the pantheon, where Michelangelo's ashes are buried, Galilee, Machiavelli, Rossini, Oginsky and great creators.

So you will learn a lot of interesting things about history., art and traditions of Florence!

Republic Square; Duomo Cathedral; Giotto's bell tower; baptismal; Dante's house; old grain market / Orsanmichele church; woolen workshop board; “new” market; fountain “Wild boar”; old or “Gold” bridge; Signoria square; Signoria Palace (palazzo vecchio); loggia Lanci; uffizi palace (outside); Gondi palace; Bargello Palace; square and basilica of the Holy Cross – a pantheon of great figures of art and science.

Is not allowed: It is recommended to cover bare shoulders when visiting temples and it is advisable not to wear very short shorts.

Possible order options:
Walking tour for a group from 1 to 25 man: 130 €
Guided tour for a group from 25 to 50 man: 170 €

Reservation: not less than 1 the day before the excursion
Conditions for changing the excursion: by agreement with the guide
Cancellation policy: 60% refusal penalty less, than for 3 days 100% refusal penalty for 1 day


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