Тур Ливорно Флоренция ПизаIn short:From a ship to blooming Tuscany: one day tour of Livorno – Florence – Pisa – Livorno.
Excursion start point: port of Livorno
Excursion end point: port of Livorno
Excursion duration:10 hours
Tour language: Russian

Travelers are welcomed at the port of Livorno (eg, in 8:00) and in a comfortable MINI VEN or bus (depending on the number of tourists) delivered to the capital of Tuscany – Florence, where a highly qualified guide conducts a fascinating sightseeing tour of this wonderful city – cradles of the Renaissance with a visit to magnificent temples. If you wish, you can visit one of the museums, and then eat.

Departure from Florence is scheduled for about 15:00, and on the way back to the port of Livorno you can admire the view from Piazzale Michelangelo and the Church of Saint Miniato, get to know other cities and the history of Tuscany, explore the wonderful architectural ensemble of Miracles Square in. Pisa, including the main temple of the Duomo, The baptismal and the world famous Leaning Tower, and to 18 return to the ship for hours.

A detailed program is drawn up, based on the wishes of tourists and the cruise schedule.

Port of Livorno – tour of Florence: Duomo Cathedral, Giotto's bell tower, Baptism, Republic Square, new market, board of the woolen shop, old grain market / Orsanmichele temple, Davanzatti Palace 14 century (inside only in the morning) or Dante's house, old or “Gold” bridge, Signoria square, old palace (Signoria Palace), loggia Lanci, uffizi palace (outside), basilica of the holy cross (Franciscan temple, a pantheon of great figures of art and science, optional Uffiza Museum or Palatina Gallery or Academy of Fine Arts, architectural complex in the square of wonders of Pisa (temple, baptismal and bell tower – falling tower).

Possible order options:

basic tour for a group from 1 to 7 man: 630 €
Included in the price: transfers Livorno-Florence-Pisa-Livorno to MINI VEN “Mercedes” + excursion service

basic tour for a group from 8 to 16 man: 1100 €
Included in the price: transfers Livorno-Florence-Pisa-Livorno by MINI VEN or bus + excursion service

Payment separately: museum tickets, headphone is recommended for large groups.
Reservation: not less than 3 days before the excursion
Conditions for changing the excursion: by agreement with the guide and with the consent of the driver
Cancellation policy: 60% refusal penalty for less than 3 days, 100% refusal penalty for 1 day


Tuscany Tour: Livorno – Florence – Pisa – Livorno — 3 Comments

  1. good day.
    My name is Alexander. 12 May we arrive at the port of Livorno from 1 daytime parking during the cruise.
    We are interested in an excursion to Florence and Pisa. Us group – 14-16 man. Most likely 16.
    Is it possible to organize an excursion and what will be the price and conditions?
    Looking forward to hearing

    With respect


      The smartest use of time when visiting Tuscany, calculated for 1 day with cruise from Livorno, – this, certainly, exploration of Florence with a qualified guide and a visit to Pisa.

      The most rational and minimum necessary – do it

      and visit Pisa (Miracles Square, where is the temple, baptismal and bell tower-leaning tower).

      2) museum tour (of your choice: Offices, Pitty, Academy, etc.) and / or visiting temples, if you like.

      But I would advise you to visit Piazza Michelangelo, with an amazing view of Florence from the high bank of the Arno River and the Church of San Miniato.

      The costs include the payment for the work of the guide and the payment for the transfer Livorno-Florence-Pisa-Livorno.

      I can book a car with a driver, who will meet in the port of Livorno at the exit from the gangway, will transport to Florence, here they will be met by a guide and given a tour.

      Recommend 4 -1-hour sightseeing tour of Florence, but MINIMUM (!) REQUIRED 2 o'clock. CHILDREN WILL BE INTERESTING!
      Or 2 o'clock – sightseeing tour + 2 o'clock – Uffizi.
      Then lunch, free time, and departure to Pisa.

      The cost of the guide – 50-60 euros per hour (divided into ALL GROUP), depends on the season, or 320 euros – full day (8 hours, 40 euro / hour)

      Minimum transfer cost Livorno – Florence-Pisa-Livorno on 4 passengers – 320-350 euros, on 6-8 passengers – 360 euro or 400 euros on 8 passengers or (including gasoline, the road, chauffeur, meeting, seeing off).

      Full day car – 400 euros, that is, the car is at full disposal in Florence and, maybe even succeed, at the request of tourists, drive up to the sea and bathe. If tourists don't get tired very quickly, then you can easily do without a car in the city, since city tour – pedestrian !
      Car – Mercedes.
      You don't need to order a guide to Pisa, and independently explore the Square of Miracles in Pisa, where the driver will bring the tourists, and will pick up from the same place.

      Based on this, the following approximate plan can be proposed:

      Livorno-Florence 8:00 – 9:30
      Florence sightseeing tour – 4 o'clock, 9:30 – 13:30
      Dinner 13:30 – 14:30
      Souvenirs, coffee 14:30 – 15:30
      Departure to Pisa 15:30
      Inspection of the Square of Miracles in Pisa 16:45 – 17:30
      Pisa – Livorno 17:30 – 18:00

      The cost is divided by the number of tourists (to 8 man, there are usually many people on the ship).
      Can add food tour + wine tasting (Chianti, etc.)

      What do you think of this plan? Your wishes / comments?
      It's not easy to plan everything from far away,
      I will be glad to help you in organizing the tour.


      For example, classic sightseeing tour of the main attractions
      Florence includes:

      Duomo Cathedral,
      Giotto's bell tower,
      Republic Square,
      “new” market, fountain “Wild boar”,
      woolen workshop board,
      old grain market / Orsanmichele church,
      Gondi palace,
      Dante's house,
      (or Davanzatti Palace 14 century (inside only in the morning)
      or the Medici Ricardi palace,
      or Strozzi Palace,
      or Pitti palace ( everything outside)),
      old or “Gold” bridge,
      Signoria square,
      old palace (Signoria Palace),
      loggia Lanci,
      uffizi palace (outside),
      Gondi palace,
      Bargello Palace,
      basilica of the holy cross ( a pantheon of great figures of art and science,
      entrance 5 euros, for groups over 15 man – 3 euros),
      history and art of Florence, etc.
      But I would advise you to leave your car for the whole day and visit Piazza Michelangelo itself, with an amazing view of Florence from the high bank of the Arno River and the Church of San Miniato and the Church of Santa Maria Novella,

      Sightseeing tour of Florence (guide work) is worth 2 o'clock – 100 euros, 3 o'clock – 150 euros, 4 o'clock – 200 euros.

      I advise you to visit at least one of these museums, like uffizi (2 o'clock, ~ 100 euros),
      Pallatina gallery (2 o'clock, ~ 100 euros),
      Academy of Fine Arts (1 time), + Medici chapel (1 time) – , etc.

      To avoid wasting time in line to enter the Uffizi and the Academy, you should make a reservation to enter at a certain time in advance, what is worth only 4 euro is more expensive (at the state price!), than a regular ticket.
      I can book tickets for your group to the Academy and / or Uffizi AT STATE PRICE (the reservation is worth 4 euros – for entering at a certain time without queuing ). Ticket to the Uffizi – 10.50 euros.

      I want to give you information about the distances between the towns of Tuscany, which you would like to visit, which will allow you to more realistically assess the strength and time and plan the route more optimally.

      Livorno, Pisa, Luke – west of Florence
      Livorno – Florence 121 km - approximately 1 time 31 min
      Florence – Lucca 80,4 km - approximately 1 time 5 min
      Lucca – Pisa 121 km - approximately 1 time 31 min
      Pisa – Livorno 22,7 km - approximately 30 min

      Travel time is approximate, may be somewhat shorter or longer, depending on traffic, cm. http://maps.google.it/.

      To explore Florence you need AT LEAST 2 o'clock, I recommend 4 o'clock.
      To inspect Pisa you need at least 1 time,
      or 30 min, to visit Miracles Square and take photos.
      Bows – 1 time,
      To the Uffiza Museum – need at least – 2 o'clock
      Academy (Michelangelo, least) – 1 time
      Pitty at least – 1 time 30 min

  2. We’ll be in Livorno on May 28th- Ship Epic. I’m traveling with my husband. Our plan is to see Florence and Pisa. Do you have a group for us to join at the same day to minimize the cost?

    Thank you,


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