музей УффициIn short: The Medici family donated a collection of fine art to the city of Florence, which became the basis for the Uffiza Museum, where you can trace the development of painting in the Renaissance in chronological order.
Excursion start point: Signoria Square
Excursion end point: Holy Cross Square (Santa Croce)
Excursion duration: 6 hours
Tour language: Russian

An amazingly rich collection of sculpture and painting is presented in the Uffiza Palace, which allows you to trace the development of painting in the Renaissance in chronological order. Canvases by Cimabue and Giotto will appear before your eyes, Lippi and Piero della Francesco, Masaccio and Botticelli, Garlandaio and Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and many other masters.

Is not allowed: photography is not allowed in the halls of the museum, not allowed to bring water to the museum

Possible order options:
Guided tour for a group from 1 to 25 man: 130 €
Included in the price: tourist service

Payment separately: museum tickets, headphone is recommended for large groups.
Reservation: not less than 1 the day before the excursion
Booking conditions: museum pre-booking price for entry at a specific time – 4 euro per person
Conditions for changing the excursion: by agreement with the guide
Cancellation policy: 60% refusal penalty less, than for 3 days 100% refusal penalty for 1 day


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