Greetings to all travelers!

Are you going to visit Italy, this wonderful country.

Let's decide first, what want to see, then Where stay.

There are two options:
1) choose a city rich in attractions (or a house nearby in nature) and from there make radial sorties.
2) drive from end to end, stopping at 1-3 days in the cities you like. Hotels can be booked online.

You can move on everything, what is moving.
The cheapest (after the bike) way of travel in Italy – train. Regional trains (with many stops) go to 2-2.5 times slower, than Eurostar, but also stand in 2-2.5 times cheaper. Intermediate option – Interest, but do not require advance ticket purchase (the number of places is not limited). BUT ! Avoid Easter and Christmas Movements!

Car gives you the opportunity to get to the hidden corners and makes the schedule more flexible. but financially justifies itself, if the number of passengers equals or exceeds 4 human.

Air travel many companies operate domestically, some of them are very economical (Ryanair, Meridiana, …)

Getting to know the place: the main thing is to have interest and enthusiasm (to successfully overcome minor problems). It's not enough to be in the right place, you need to BE ABLE TO SEE !
For this it is worth looking for information, read books or easier – find a good guide. Each city has an information office, where you will at least find free city maps, region and information about interesting events of the current month.

More specifically about Florence:
AT LEAST I advise you to do a sightseeing tour of Florence with a GOOD GUIDE (4 o'clock, but can be shortened to 2 hours) and visit one of these museums, like the Uffizi or the Palatina gallery (in the Pitti palace).
For example, classic sightseeing tour of the main attractions of Florence includes:
Duomo Cathedral, Giotto's bell tower, Baptism,
Republic Square,
new market, fountain “Wild boar”,
woolen workshop board,
old grain market / Orsanmichele church,
Dante's house,
(or Davantsati Palace 14 century (inside only in the morning)
or the Medici Ricardi palace,
or Strozzi Palace,
or Pitti palace (everything outside),
old or “Gold” bridge,
Signoria square,
old palace (Signoria Palace),
loggia Lanci,
uffizi palace (outside),
Gondi palace,
Bargello Palace,
basilica of the holy cross ( a pantheon of great figures of art and science, entrance 5 euros, for groups over 15 man – 3 euros),
history and art of Florence, etc.

I am sure that Florence will charm you and you will be VERY INTERESTING !
Licensed Guide to Florence and the Region, Tuscany, Italy

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Bon Voyage !


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