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Фото Елена МешковаAbout Me
Alter zovut Meshkova Elena Alexandrovna, I licensed tour guide in Florence, Prof., I work at the University of Florence 1993 Year, graduated from Moscow State University, defended her dissertation, then graduated from the Institute of Dante Alighieri in art history in Florence, actively participated in more 170 Conferences, exhibitions, business negotiations, etc..

I have visited more, than 50 strangely, But Florence is one of the most exciting gems among all the! And I invite you to see this by ! On my part, I guarantee a high level and professionalism in conducting excursions to Florence and Tuscany and, the main, interesting and memorable way of presenting information. I'm sure, that Florence will remain in your memory, as one of the most charming cities in the world.

Languages ​​spoken:
Fluent in English, Italian, Russian.

Patent for a licensed tour guide in Florence and the region N 390, Diploma of the Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Diploma of the University of Florence, Diploma of Candidate of Sciences.


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