Фото Елена МешковаAbout myself
My name is Elena Alexandrovna Meshkova, I'm a licensed guide to Florence, Professor, I work at the University of Florence with 1993 of the year, graduated from Moscow State University, defended her thesis, then graduated from the Dante Alighieri Institute of Art History in Florence, took an active part in more 170 conferences, exhibitions, business negotiations, etc.

I have visited more, than in 50 countries, but Florence is one of the most delightful gems of all! And I invite you to see for yourself ! For my part, I guarantee a high level and professionalism when conducting excursions in Florence and Tuscany and, the main thing, an interesting and memorable form of information presentation. I'm sure, that Florence will remain in your memory, as one of the most charming cities in the world.

Languages ​​of communication:
I speak English fluently, italian, Russian.

Patent for a licensed guide to Florence and Region N 390, Diploma from Moscow State University named after. M.V. Lomonosov, University of Florence Diploma, Diploma of Candidate of Sciences.


About me — 3 Comments

  1. Elena Meshkova was our guide to Florence and the Uffiza Gallery . She organized a meeting with us on a minivan from Livorno and delivery back to the ship in September this year. We were 8 man. We all decided, what is this excursion of all, which we had, has left the deepest mark on our souls and minds. Elena is not only fluent in the material, but also knows how to convey it to everyone, who is ready to listen and heed her.:-) Without her in the Uffiza gallery (tickets were booked by her in advance at our request) we would be at a loss and would not have time to find and see so many magnificent masterpieces of world painting. The power of her words about paintings and icons was as follows, that my eyes were welling with tears from the completeness of the perception of the pictures, seen by us. Several Russian compatriots, cat. were nearby in the gallery and heard Elena's story, followed us the rest of the tour, like spellbound, unable to move away and listened. I think, this is the best, what happened to us during the cruise, not counting the trip to Montserrat, if fate smiles on us again, and we'll get to Florence again, think, that Elena will tell us a lot more interesting things, because it feels, that the depth of her knowledge is practically inexhaustible., that Elena is the best guide to Florence, because. even better is difficult to imagine.:-) Thank you from me and my friends for the gift of love for Florence.
    Elena S. Moscow.

  2. I recall with delight our excursion 28 March this year. Immediately felt a high-class professional : figurative speech, live paintings, deep and comprehensive knowledge of the material, and as a result, instant reaction. And most importantly – it is your desire to convey your love and admiration for Florence to the audience. Despite the time limit, got a lot of information and wanted to know more and come to Tuscany again. With gratitude and respect from Kiev

  3. Many thanks to Elena for the wonderful excursions in Florence : a large amount of information is presented in a fascinating way. Feels, that Elena knows very well and loves the city, its history and modern life. Since. I prefer to travel on my own, I often use the services of individual guides and can compare : Helen, certainly , one of the best guides. And further : Elena is a very responsible and responsive person, what, agree, very important for a traveler in an unfamiliar city.
    Special thanks for the help with questions, beyond the excursion program : transport, the shops, restaurants, etc..

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